Friday, January 25, 2008

Ballet, Black Eyes, and Bruises, Oh My!

Well, yesterday was a first for many things! MW had her very first ballet class. The secretary informed us that normally they don't allow girls to register this late, and MW's class has already started working on their recital piece, so MW would have to just try it out and be evaluated. If her teacher felt like she was "good enough" then we could register and officially start ballet! Otherwise, we'd have to wait until the fall. So MW and I are sitting in the waiting room. MW climbs up on the bench and sits indian style, with her hands in her lap, she looks at me and says, "Mama, I love it here. I am gonna do so good. I am." And she did! So she's officially enrolled in ballet! So all you family get ready! She'll be having a recital in May!

After ballet we had planned to head out of town to meet JJ and Grandma. Well, the Lord had other plans. It was raining and MW was in her ballet shoes, so I told her to let me carry her out to the car. I had MW, T3, and my purse. We headed down the wooden steps (with worn down rubber treads nailed to them) and we'd just made it down the first half flight and rounded the corner of the landing to head down the last half, when I slipped, with both children in my arms. We slid all the way down to the bottom step. It was only about 5 steps, but that's a long way with two little ones in your arms. I thought I'd landed on T3's leg and from his immediate screams, I just knew it was broken! MW was a bit stunned, but got up pretty fast. I turned T3 around to face me and he had a few little scrapes on his cheek and above his left eye, which was already swollen out! He was kicking his legs as he screamed, so I guessed they were probably alright. I sat there for a few seconds trying to regroup and figure out the extent of both children's injuries, never mind my throbbing leg or back...the amazing thing was that there we sat, both kids crying, the rain coming down, and a mother and her teenage daughter sat in their car, only a few feet from us, just watching. No offer to help. They didn't even crack the window to check on us. My word! I'm glad no one was seriously injured! A few seconds later another mother approached us and stood there, with her daughter, in the pouring rain, and looked at T3 and encouraged me that he was fine, etc. So I unlocked the car and we all piled in, T3 still screaming, his eye even more swollen. I start to cry, and MW starts dancing the "I'm going to wet my pants" dance. In the emotion of it all, I'd thrown my keys in the car and had no idea where they'd landed. It's still raining, T3 is still crying...finally I find my keys and we carefully head back up the same steps and inside. MW runs for the bathroom. T3 is still screaming. The secretary brings me an ice pack and we decide it would be wise for me to take him to the doctor. MW finishes, we load back up in the car, and head for the pediatrician, who has a "no walk ins, appointments only" policy! I stood at the front desk and said, "We're totally a walk in. I just fell down the steps with him. Can someone PLEASE look at him and make sure he's alright." At this point T3 is no longer crying, but I am! The receptionist was like, " Don't you worry. I'll get him in right now." She called our doctor who told her to bring us straight back. After about a ten minute exam - he checked T3's eyes, felt all over his face, listened to him, checked in his ears, etc, etc, etc., he declared that he was fine and the swelling was from a broken blood vessel from the fall. We went on to meet JJ and Grandma. Thanks to the delay T got to go with us! We were late getting there, and of course late getting back home, which was a stinker because my brother in law was staying with us last night, so we missed out on some hanging out time with him. I'm just thankful both children are okay. MW's worst injury was a splinter. T3 has a swollen left side of the face, and I have a big bruise on my shin and back...all in all, it could've been much worse. I would, however, like to suggest that the ballet school put new treads on their steps. I am clumsy, and perhaps would've fallen even with new treads, but that was rough! T thinks we should milk it for all it's worth and try for free lessons! Just kidding! They (the ballet school) did call last night and leave a message checking on us...hmmmm.....just kidding! We aren't like that!

All that to say, I collapsed in the bed last night thankful that my children were safe and that T3 would be alright, and also very thankful for alieve!


  1. j! we really haven't kept up this week like normal. i'm so sorry y'all fell. i know that was awful. and i'm so thankful you're okay. i didn't know mw was starting ballet!!! her picture is darling. you better believe i'm going to do everything in my power to make it to that recital!!!

  2. by the way...if she needs lessons from a former "flutterby", just let me know. :)

  3. I am so sorry this happened! Thank goodness you are all ok!

    You are such a sweet and wonderful mom to MW and T3, and all the stories about them are so precious. I wish we didn't live so stinkin' far away so we could see you all more (and come to MW's recital)!

  4. DITTO to the other comments!!!
    So sorry to read about Evelyn.
    It was good that y'all had such a great visit with her.
    MW was the hit of the Bible study-doing her ballet positions, tumbling and making friends with everyone.
    She is so special!!Grandma

  5. WOW! I am so glad you're all ok!

    I am sorry I missed your call today, but I can't wait to see you soon!